SPA center Orchidea offers a wide range of treatments affecting the mind and body, through a combination of healing sea water, seaweed, exotic oils and plants.

Special care for you in five main areas:
- Anti-stress and relaxation
- Remineralization and restoration
- Beautifying facial treatments
- Modeling body contours
- The treatment and prevention of many diseases.

The efficacy of procedures due to the unique combination of natural and human factors contributing to the magical effect of our product.

Spa center offers and specially designed programs for a period of 5 to 14 days:

This treatment program is recommended for diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It includes a combination of massages, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, mud, thalassotherapy and hydrotherapy with sea water.

Anti-cellulite program is a bunch of effective anti-cellulite treatments. It includes detoxification in the Sauna Park, handheld underwater massages and others.

Comprehensive wellness program that takes care of your mind and body, reducing the harmful effects of stress, helps to achieve deep relaxation restoring sensuality and eliminating fatigue. A unique combination of beauty facials, spa rituals firming and toning the body and exotic massages, bestowing beauty, tone and healthy spirit.

Orchid Spa Center offers:
Cabine person - cabin for cosmetic and beauty treatments
Cabine "India" - a specially equipped room for exotic massages and therapies such as Ayurveda Shirodhara and Massage with hot volcanic stones.
Cabine "Japan" - cabin Japanese massage where the client is lying on a mattress, and therapist makes massage with his feet on his back.
Cabine "gentle caress" - a cabin with a large, round, pink tub and a round bed for relaxation. The cabin is preferred by couples to relax and unwind. The tub can be filled with water and aromatic foam or milk.
-Relax Room - Room with 4 heated benches where you can relax to the sounds of song birds and the whisper of artificial waterfalls.
-Aromatherapy Sauna - the sauna with aromatic steam, which is used free of charge by all hotel guests
-Infrared Sauna - the sauna with a maximum temperature of 60 degrees
The Finish sauna - the sauna with a maximum temperature of 90 degrees
-Jacuzzi - The jacuzzi is overlooking the forest and outdoor pool
-Fitness Room - small and compact gym which is free for all hotel guests
Indoor pool - indoor swimming pool is heated and worked during the months of May and September.