Balneological center Orchidea combines active treatment and opportunities for relaxation.
For your health will take care professionals, therapists and physiotherapists.
The center offers:
-specialized Sector for physiotherapy treatments with high-quality equipment for ultrasound, magnetic therapy, pressotherapy, electrotherapy with low and medium frequency currents, oxygen inhalation.
A sector hydrotherapy equipped with professional bubble hydro-massage bathtubs. Water therapies combined with the miraculous effect of herbs, oils and salts.
A sector of mud, paraffin and lye. The wealth of minerals, trace elements and vitamins the body charged with energy and treat illnesses.
A sector specially equipped rooms for massages with ergonomic couches. Healing massages, affect the problem areas, pain syndromes, discomfort and others.
Orchid spa center offers a variety of treatment programs:
Artrorheumatic program -7 days, 10 days and 15 days
Thalasso-Vital program - 5 days
Anti-stress program - 5 days
The programs are applicable to diseases of the musculoskeletal system, neurological diseases, gynecological diseases, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, chronic peripheral vascular insufficiency and others.